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Community Support Fund

Many families in the villages we work with are facing food shortages and a loss of economic security due to COVID-19. Though it’s not a part of our normal focus, we have started providing financial support to the villages so they can buy nutrient-rich food together as a community. We are fundraising to help provide as much support to these rural communities as possible.

In Guatemala, indigenous children often lack the resources they need to succeed in school. You can help a child in Guatemala by sponsoring her education. Give her the education she needs to have the future she deserves.

Sponsor a child's education for $8 a month.

Preschool Girl
Next Step Scholars

Many indigenous children in Guatemala live in remote villages that do not have schools beyond elementary school. To continue their studies, they need to go to school in the nearest town, usually hours away. You can help children continue studying by providing for their educational and living expenses.